Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Revival

I am so excited about this weekend I am going to be a part of the Vintage Revival show. It is a new show/festival that the city of Atlanta really needed to have. It is something quite special. I am super excited as well as a bit terrified to be speaking at one of six work shops thru out the day. My workshop will be on how to find and wear vintage clothing and jewelry. Not only will I have my jewelry there but an array of vintage clothing, shoes, hats, and purses. So if you are in the Atlanta area this weekend come by and say hi!!
oh I have got so much more to bring :)

I love how this table turned out. I thought how cool would it be to attach a vintage
 tray to it and make it a chalk board. Swoon!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Road Trip Memories

Just about an hour south from us is this amazing place called Callaway Gardens. And a couple weekends ago we thought lets take a little road trip so we packed a lunch and headed south. K used to go as a child and so did I. We have so many fun memories of Callaway and we want our little guy to make his own memories now.
So there are a ton of things to do. Trails to hike, camping, and a great lake with a sandy beach. But my most favorite is the Butterfly House. It is a giant glass green house with the most beautiful flowers and butterflies. They fly around you and if you are lucky they will sometimes land on you. Which is the bees knees. I snapped a ton of pictures of our day and I have some to share so hope you enjoy them. xo

when I spied this little snail I just gasped!! How amazing!! I wanted to invite him over for tea :)

he wanted to jump in with the fish :)

This butterfly was so hard to photograph. When it was flying its wings looked like tissue paper. So beautiful!!

These were the most amazing flowers.

so beautiful!

my boys

our little explorer