Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inspiration vs. Theft

O.k.! I have to rant for a second so bear with me.
Today I went to a really well known festival and came across lots of jewelry designers that share my same aesthetic in jewelry making. Even though they use vintage components in their jewelry they each had their own style in how they created and presented their pieces.
I then turned the corner and was hit in the face with my own designs staring back at me. My signature style of jewelry design had been pirated. Felt a little like identity theft and it was sitting on someone else's table. Her and I were at the same festival earlier this year and our stuff was very different, until today. This bothered me to the core. This was personal and I couldn't believe how similar in construction she copied my pieces. I think that was the hardest to handle. No twist of her own just straight up copying.
This is where the question comes in to play; when does being inspired by someone turn into theft?
I am inspired everyday by so many things but you find inspiration and make it your own.
Jewelry is tricky because it is fair game. You can't protect it but you can put your own artistic eye and love into it to make it unique. Make it YOU!!!
This is why I blog. I just had to write this frustrating moment down so that I can get over how angry and disappointed I feel.