Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Braselton Antique Mall

I am writing this blog entry on my new laptop! Yep, my other one died last week after 4 years of a lot of work. Holding my gazillion photos, posting all my blogs, and helping me keep my etsy shop stocked. But I have high hopes for this new computer. It has more memory and other bells and whistles that my hubby is showing me how to use.

So with all that said, I can't wait to tell ya'll about this amazing antique mall I visited in Braselton Georgia. It's just a few miles away from Chateau Elan called Braselton Antique Mall. First, the window display had me at turquoise dresser and vintage hat :) Just beautiful. Then once you go in, it goes on forever and even upstairs. I could have done some serious damage but I was with friends and didn't have my own car. I took a ton of pictures so I hope you enjoy them. If you feel like a rode trip hit the antique mall and then go onto the winery for a wine tasting tour. Fun times for sure:)

This window display was beautiful! I couldn't figure out why it came out a bit fuzzy. But then I looked at my lens and figured out it was a banana smudge the size of my little wrens finger. :) He loves playing with my point and shoot.

They set up a mock general store with all the original canned goods and what nots from the past. So neat to look at each piece.

This gal's space was so beautifully put together. Swooning!

This hutch was amazing!