Thursday, December 29, 2011

Play, Play, Play

We are enjoying these wonderful lazy days now that Christmas has come and gone. Playing choo choo, staying in our jammies all day watching videos, and playing more choo choo! Wren has made this Christmas extremely magical and so much fun. That is why I am so greatful for this past week and all the memories we've made.
Hope you all were able to enjoy some lazy days in your pj's too.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ornaments And Friends

Where has the month of December gone? It is the most wonderful, yet hectic, time of year. In a span of a couple of days I attended our annual DIY ornament exchange and was part of an amazing handmade holiday open house.
Getting up to that point was a lot of preparation but heaps of fun to be a part of. Tiffin hosts the ornament exchange every year and this year she just made her home a wonderland. A wonderland of crepe paper and vintage baubles. Each one of us had our own personal ornament boxes to put our creations in. I couldn't wait to see what everyone came up with this year. It really truly amazes me. Even those who say they are not creative end up making the best ornaments. This year mine were a decoupage of pages from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and glittered to the hilt :)

A jump to a couple days later, Jenni, Tiffin, and I got together at Jenni's home and hosted a handmade holiday open house. It was so much fun. And we turned Jenni's already amazing house into a boutique. All of her beautiful paintings, jewelry, and wonderment that she does paired with Tiffin's amazing hand drawn botanicals, re-purposed vintage lamps and sweet, sweet embroideries. I couldn't have been happier to be among them. It was a nice success and I think we may do something else this spring.
Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope your holiday is a very blessed one.
sorry for the dark picture but it still looks like a crepe paper wonderland doesn't it?

my own personal ornament box

it was filling up fast;)
I got to set up in Jenni's amazing pink dining room!!

my newest creation! crocheting on chain! I am in LOVE!!!

also preserving vintage baubles on cuffs! another LOVE!!!

one of Jenni's amazing paintings!!!

also her necklacs with my faves.... birds :)

her sweet message heart ornaments

Tiffin's amazing botanicals

her o so sweet embroideries..

Tiffin is a true jill of all trades... jenni's art tiles in the back ground

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Looking a lot like Christmas

I love pulling out our Christmas decorations! I am a cheese ball and always tell the ornaments I missed them. Which is what I used to do as a kid. Instead of my sister laughing at me my husband does that now. :) I can't help it I always get so super nostalgic around this time. And this year Wren really understands what is going on. When we lit the tree he just kept saying wow, wow, wow!
I found these amazing vintage ornaments at the thrift! I had to rescue them. They are on a smaller gold tree. The little gnome on the right is in Wren's room. He calls him gnomeo.

Love our white retro tree! We have a real one in another room. Pics of that one coming soon.

At an estate sale I went to this summer I came across a box of vintage foil reflectors. I knew I could do something with them and at 2 bucks for the whole lot it was a no brainer. Then as I was researching them I found out that they are going for up to $10 for just 5 reflectors. Wowssa!