Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Sales and just one more holiday craft project

I have never been an after Christmas shopper! But this year something has come over me and I am going nuts compiling garland, ribbon, ornaments, and a popcorn tin. All on sale (the popcorn will  certainly be eaten by next year ;)).
It is crazy but I blame it on being a new mom. I want the house to be as festive as I remember my child hood home being as I grew up. It probably already is but I had all these new ideas for next year. As I am writing this I need to write these new ideas down, as well as the whereabouts of all this new stuff :)
So, Tuesday I had no intention of looking or buying anything holiday oriented. We were out getting a suit for Kenon when low and behold I passed these gorgeous vintage style ornaments at JCPenneys. I couldn't believe how cute they were and I snatched them up immediately plus it didn't hurt that they were 75% off.  As we were driving home I remembered that I just read a tutorial on making yarn-wrapped wreaths the other day. And how pretty they would look as the centerpiece on one of those wreaths. With that thought I headed to Hobby Lobby today to get all the fixins to make this craft project a go. :) I cannot wait to finish these them and I will have pictures when I finish, but until then here are the FABULOUS ornaments I found! Oh, and the hubby found a really nice suit too! Win win day :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Gals and Beautiful Homemade Ornaments

Every year a handful of my girlfriends and I get together for our annual homemade/handmade ornament exchange. It is so much fun! We eat, drink and eat!! I was so stuffed and had such a sugar high from the yummy whoopie pies and peppermint cupcakes.
Every year, I think all of us rack our brains on what we are going to make or create to top last year's ornaments.  The girls blew me away with what they came up with. This year did top the last. I am so proud of the creative juices that flowed thru each one of us. We all definitely took home really beautiful ornaments. But I have to say it is the gathering of friends, laughing, sharing, and just being that really makes this get together such a wonderful tradition. So with no further adieu here are this year's homemade ornaments :) Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Etsy Update: Whimsical Necklaces

I just updated and listed new necklaces to my etsy shop! They are so whimsical and lovely. This past year I was fortunate enough to have found some really wonderful vintage component to repurpose. Re-working and designing these lovelies was fantastic. Now that festival season is over for the winter everything is finding its way into the shop. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fabric Circles O Plenty

Okay, I don't know about you but when I see a scrap of the past it stops me in my tracks. Well this time I found a boat load of scraps but just not any scraps. I found bags of pre-cut fabric circles from the 60s. Some bags had solid fabric and others were patterned. I bought four bags. I do think I lost my mind but I just couldn't leave them there.
I found them at a local antique store as I was browsing around. I turned the corner and there in a baby cradle were bags of these circles. The booth owner was there and told me she purchased them at an auction and  that she wondered who would want them. HELLO I would! And I told her my friend Tiffin would want them too! So after I filled my basket with my treasures. I called Tiffin to tell her what I found and that she needed to see them for herself.
I had a flurry of ideas on what to do with them. I knew I would definitely be making flowers and rosettes out of them and adding them to my crocheted necklaces. But what to do with the rest? No matter, I know they will become something unique and beautiful.
So I have to pose the same question to you that my friend asked on her blog: What would you do or create if 1,000 circles of  fabric suddenly landed in your lap?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Wow, sorry for the blogging absence! We have been battling the seasonal cold around our house. The baby got it, which was his first cold, and then we got it. I can't remember the last time I was sick and it was miserable. I hated it more for Wren.  But now we are all feeling much better and able to start enjoying the holidays. Which means my obsessiveness with lists. I am very behind in all I need to do, that I have started making lists left and right. But as crazy as it sounds I love my lists. I think with out them I wouldn't be able to function :)  And what a satisfying feeling it is when you can cross off all the things that you have accomplished that day. 
So whatever lists you have hanging around your house. Have fun accomplishing what ever it is you need to do and enjoy the season :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday with Family

It is so nice to get out of our little town and venture elsewhere in the state sometimes. This past Sunday we packed in my sister's mini van and drove to Dahlonega in the North Georgia Mountains. There is something so magical and mysterious about Dahlonega. Probably due to the fact that he was part of the first major U.S. Gold Rush back in 1833. The town displays wonderful black and white photos that you can't help but disect with your eye to see every little detail of what once was. But surprisingly the town has kept its original buildings and style.  It has the most charming city square. And with older city squares come wonderful antique stores. You know I wouldn't be me if I didn't seek out vintage treasures. But, before we shopped we ate at the Smith House. It is the most amazing country cooking and for a set price you eat as much of it as you possibly can. Family style. You sit with other people and you just keep passing the food. I was stuffed to say the least.
After lunch I pulled out my camera and was finally able to play around with my TTV contraption that so many of my fellow bloggers have posted about. Hula Seventy has the best explanation of how the contraption works as well as the best instructions for making one of your own. It was so much fun but you do get some side ways glances from passers by trying to figure out what you are doing. But no matter, because the pictures come out so romantically beautiful.
It was the best day with my family and a wonderful outing to enjoy the splendor of fall.

Yummy strawberry shortcake from the Smith House

 Dahlonega City Hall
 I peered into the window of this charming barber shop and was so happy when I discovered my photo captured all the wonderful barber chairs. Love!

 TTV photos of the city square

 This is my favorite photo of my two loves :)

I fell head over heels for all this vintage clothing racks of it :) shoes and purses too :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Birthday in October

I didn't get the chance to blog about my birthday last month due to my frantic and busy festival season. My family and friends always make it the best day possible. And yes, my mom still buys me balloons that have a cute kitty or a butterfly pictured on it, even though I am now 34. But the day wouldn't be the same without them. I know I will do the same for Wren. He was the biggest and best change this birthday. Being a mom and being able to celebrate with him just made it that much sweeter.
Speaking about sweets. My friend Tiffin hosted girls game night/ birthday party for me. She made an amazing lemon cake from scratch and iced it so beautifully with pink icing and adorned it with a flag that had my name in glitter. This girl loves me some glitter. It was delicious plus it was like having my own little slice of heaven. The reason I say this is because a couple of weeks back on ruffled blog they had this insanely gorgeous and magical post of all these desserts on vintage cake plates in this Lewis Carrol like day dream. It was amazing and I wanted to recreate in my back yard so badly. Thanks to my hubby, family, and all the girls from game night for making my birthday so wonderous :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our first Halloween with Wren was wonderful!! He went as Tigger due to the fact that this crafty momma just ran out of time making his costume. There is always next year though :) But I did go a tad nuts with decorations this year. I think I am turning into my mom. She beyond decorates her house for every major holiday and now that we have Wren, the gene has been activated in me to do the same :) I hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Country Living Fair came to Atlanta

So as soon as I heard that Country Living was coming to Atlanta I bought my tickets online in advance. And this weekend finally arrived and I couldn't contain myself. The gals and I piled in the car and headed to Stone Mountain, where it was held, this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We thought if we went Friday we would hopefully beat the crowds. Boy were we wrong!!! This place was packed. Try jamming a ton of women in a 10 x 10 tent. Looking, grabbing, oohing ahhing O and did I mention grabbing :) It was crazy!
And rightfully so, there were so many amazing and talented vendors there. The first tent hands down set the tone for the whole show. It housed the ladies that made up the group Earth Angels . They were the most talented woman and so very nice. I had the pleasure of meeting Krys Kirkpatrick and Melody Elizabeth.
Krys is amazing she has created this whimsical world in nature. I couldn't catch my breath in her booth because there was so many wonderful things to look at. My mind just couldn't keep up with all the enchantment I was feeling. I was lucky enough to walk away with one of her water color cards. So lovely!!! Melody Elizabeth creates jewelry out of found objects like i do but on a level that is so fantastic. I do aspire greatly to learn from her. Her jewelry is amazing and she was so kind and inviting to talk to. She gave me some great advice about my own business. An open heart was abundantly felt with all of these talented ladies.
The rest of the vendors were just as interesting and amazing as our first stop. The way some of the booths were displayed was just magical. Like they had been there among the trees just collecting their wears for years. I had so much fun and came home with some amazing art and vintage finds:)

 I love old photos but there is something so sad about them up for sale. I bought one of two women and written across the bottom was the words best pals and their initials. I had to rescue it.

 I so want to make a Christmas Tree made up old wood. This tree I believe was made of drift wood. It was so beautiful!!!

 This is Kelly McCants booth. Her company is called Mondern June and she designs things using oil cloth and many other household goods. So adorable!!

 This booth is wear we all fell over and lost our minds a bit. Shawna Robinson, creator of Happy Chair, recovers vintage chairs but in the most amazing way. Nothing I have ever seen before!! We all wanted this love seat. BADLY:) and the chair with the fabric giraffe was so clever and I could so see it in a nursery. You have to check her other chairs out. Believe it or not she is a race car driver turned designer. Her story is so cool.

 I regret not buying some of this yarn for making my crocheted fabric flower necklaces. I hate when that happens. They were so beautiful:)