Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Birthday in October

I didn't get the chance to blog about my birthday last month due to my frantic and busy festival season. My family and friends always make it the best day possible. And yes, my mom still buys me balloons that have a cute kitty or a butterfly pictured on it, even though I am now 34. But the day wouldn't be the same without them. I know I will do the same for Wren. He was the biggest and best change this birthday. Being a mom and being able to celebrate with him just made it that much sweeter.
Speaking about sweets. My friend Tiffin hosted girls game night/ birthday party for me. She made an amazing lemon cake from scratch and iced it so beautifully with pink icing and adorned it with a flag that had my name in glitter. This girl loves me some glitter. It was delicious plus it was like having my own little slice of heaven. The reason I say this is because a couple of weeks back on ruffled blog they had this insanely gorgeous and magical post of all these desserts on vintage cake plates in this Lewis Carrol like day dream. It was amazing and I wanted to recreate in my back yard so badly. Thanks to my hubby, family, and all the girls from game night for making my birthday so wonderous :)

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