Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday with Family

It is so nice to get out of our little town and venture elsewhere in the state sometimes. This past Sunday we packed in my sister's mini van and drove to Dahlonega in the North Georgia Mountains. There is something so magical and mysterious about Dahlonega. Probably due to the fact that he was part of the first major U.S. Gold Rush back in 1833. The town displays wonderful black and white photos that you can't help but disect with your eye to see every little detail of what once was. But surprisingly the town has kept its original buildings and style.  It has the most charming city square. And with older city squares come wonderful antique stores. You know I wouldn't be me if I didn't seek out vintage treasures. But, before we shopped we ate at the Smith House. It is the most amazing country cooking and for a set price you eat as much of it as you possibly can. Family style. You sit with other people and you just keep passing the food. I was stuffed to say the least.
After lunch I pulled out my camera and was finally able to play around with my TTV contraption that so many of my fellow bloggers have posted about. Hula Seventy has the best explanation of how the contraption works as well as the best instructions for making one of your own. It was so much fun but you do get some side ways glances from passers by trying to figure out what you are doing. But no matter, because the pictures come out so romantically beautiful.
It was the best day with my family and a wonderful outing to enjoy the splendor of fall.

Yummy strawberry shortcake from the Smith House

 Dahlonega City Hall
 I peered into the window of this charming barber shop and was so happy when I discovered my photo captured all the wonderful barber chairs. Love!

 TTV photos of the city square

 This is my favorite photo of my two loves :)

I fell head over heels for all this vintage clothing racks of it :) shoes and purses too :)


Heidi Meyer said...

Dahlonega is such a neat town ~ what a great weekend and cool pics! HUGS, Heidi

Cheri Ingram said...

Your TTV pictures looks great!! I have also started taking TTV pictures and love the way they turn out! We need to share pictures such a fun hobby. Keep up the good work... Cheri

Kellie H said...

Great photos! I haven't been there in a loping time. What vintage clothing store is that?

Kellie H said...

....long time....damn auto spell