Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blooms Abound

I have just posted more Flower Garden Necklaces in my etsy shop! I Love making these necklaces and I love wearing them. They are just so cheerful! There is something so satisfying in creating each one. I take time to make sure each necklace is unique and one of a kind. It starts with a bit of crocheting, a flurry of flower making, a hunt for the right vintage buttons, and then the adorning of the perfect vintage brooch or re-purposed piece of jewelry. Add the right vintage chain and ta-da the sweetest statement piece!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Estate Sale Love

 Last week I went to two estate sales, which if you know me by now made for one happy gal!! The excitement I feel is heightened when they are good sales. And they were! I got some great pieces but my favorites were this sweet silver platter, a set of bumble bee cuff links, a single vintage clip on earring (soon to be re-purposed into a necklace), and a sweet, sweet, cross stitched comforter! I bought other items but I had to control myself. There was a ton more I wanted to pack up and take home with me. :)

There are also deer, birds, rabbits, dragon flies, living among a series of trees it is so stinkin sweet :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Past And Present

Last year we had a couple of ducks show up and swim every morning. This year we have only seen them a handful of times! Love ducks :)
Growing up in a small town in the south was so much fun especially in the summer months. Exploring all day and sometimes into the evenings, fire flies, and lots of kids in the neighborhood to play with. I started reminiscing about my childhood after Kenon asked me about how summers were around here. We were driving Wren around on the golf cart before his bedtime and saw these boys playing in a creek.  I had a flood of memories rush back to me after kenon's question and the boys just playing away. I immediately remembered playing kick ball in the street out the front of our house. I remember my sister and I getting lost in our imaginations as we navigated our way through the woods along the bike paths. There was this giant tree that fell across a small creek in the woods and we named it the Bridge To Terabithia just like the book. It was our magical forest kingdom. And now that I am older and have a little one of my own. I can't wait to see how his imagination will conquer the summer. So far this summer has been so wonderful and busy. Wren loves swimming and riding on the golf cart aka the go go!! Chasing bubbles and the ducks at the pond down from our house. Kenon and I also decided to landscape our back yard ourselves. A huge endeavor! But now that it is done, we are pretty proud of ourselves and completely happy with how it turned out. Honestly though the best part of this summer is just being. Taking it all in knowing that new memories are being formed and loving every minute of it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Birthday and A How To

I love making gifts for my family and friends! I believe it is more personal to give a gift that is hand made :)  For one of my friends, who just celebrated her birthday, I made her a mini cake plate or what I liked to call a cup cake plate. She has been collecting cake plates lately and I looked and looked for them in all the antique stores I visited while on vacation. But none to be found.
However, I did find this really beautiful flower plate and thought I just need to find a base to match and I can put this cake plate together myself!! I found a sorbet cup and turned it upside down to make the base. This was such a fun and easy craft to do. The outcome turned out wonderfully and my friend loved it. :)
So give it a try and tell me or send me pictures of what you all come up with! I will post them :) It really is fun and like I said the outcome is wonderful! You will love this easy peasy craft project!
What you will need:
A vintage or new plate (any size just make sure your base can handle it)
A base (  different sized cups, candle holders, etc....)
E6000 glue ( let it set for at least 12 to 24 hours) make sure it sits on a flat surface so that the pieces don't slide.
That is it!! Have fun :) You could also get more creative and make multi layered plates that hold candy or flowers! Let your creative juices flow :)