Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Sales and just one more holiday craft project

I have never been an after Christmas shopper! But this year something has come over me and I am going nuts compiling garland, ribbon, ornaments, and a popcorn tin. All on sale (the popcorn will  certainly be eaten by next year ;)).
It is crazy but I blame it on being a new mom. I want the house to be as festive as I remember my child hood home being as I grew up. It probably already is but I had all these new ideas for next year. As I am writing this I need to write these new ideas down, as well as the whereabouts of all this new stuff :)
So, Tuesday I had no intention of looking or buying anything holiday oriented. We were out getting a suit for Kenon when low and behold I passed these gorgeous vintage style ornaments at JCPenneys. I couldn't believe how cute they were and I snatched them up immediately plus it didn't hurt that they were 75% off.  As we were driving home I remembered that I just read a tutorial on making yarn-wrapped wreaths the other day. And how pretty they would look as the centerpiece on one of those wreaths. With that thought I headed to Hobby Lobby today to get all the fixins to make this craft project a go. :) I cannot wait to finish these them and I will have pictures when I finish, but until then here are the FABULOUS ornaments I found! Oh, and the hubby found a really nice suit too! Win win day :)

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