Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fabric Circles O Plenty

Okay, I don't know about you but when I see a scrap of the past it stops me in my tracks. Well this time I found a boat load of scraps but just not any scraps. I found bags of pre-cut fabric circles from the 60s. Some bags had solid fabric and others were patterned. I bought four bags. I do think I lost my mind but I just couldn't leave them there.
I found them at a local antique store as I was browsing around. I turned the corner and there in a baby cradle were bags of these circles. The booth owner was there and told me she purchased them at an auction and  that she wondered who would want them. HELLO I would! And I told her my friend Tiffin would want them too! So after I filled my basket with my treasures. I called Tiffin to tell her what I found and that she needed to see them for herself.
I had a flurry of ideas on what to do with them. I knew I would definitely be making flowers and rosettes out of them and adding them to my crocheted necklaces. But what to do with the rest? No matter, I know they will become something unique and beautiful.
So I have to pose the same question to you that my friend asked on her blog: What would you do or create if 1,000 circles of  fabric suddenly landed in your lap?

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