Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Looking a lot like Christmas

I love pulling out our Christmas decorations! I am a cheese ball and always tell the ornaments I missed them. Which is what I used to do as a kid. Instead of my sister laughing at me my husband does that now. :) I can't help it I always get so super nostalgic around this time. And this year Wren really understands what is going on. When we lit the tree he just kept saying wow, wow, wow!
I found these amazing vintage ornaments at the thrift! I had to rescue them. They are on a smaller gold tree. The little gnome on the right is in Wren's room. He calls him gnomeo.

Love our white retro tree! We have a real one in another room. Pics of that one coming soon.

At an estate sale I went to this summer I came across a box of vintage foil reflectors. I knew I could do something with them and at 2 bucks for the whole lot it was a no brainer. Then as I was researching them I found out that they are going for up to $10 for just 5 reflectors. Wowssa!

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