Friday, December 26, 2008

Blogging Excitement

I am finally delurking and joining the blogging world. Thanks to my friends Tiffin and Jessica I am now a part of the blogging relm.
Recently my Jewelry line has taken me to the greatest places and I am enjoying the creative process more than ever.
I teamed up with jessica from Peachtree Photography to create 200 necklaces that will be going into swag bags for the upcoming movie "Bride Wars" starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson premiering in Atlanta, LA, Chicago, and New York in January. This is such an exciting experience. I posted some, in the process of making, pics above. It was time consuming but so worth it.
I will be updating my etsy site in the next couple of days with more jewelry. Check me out at
More to come soon. Happy Friday:)


Peachtree Photography said...

Hey nice post, I have some photos for you to use I just need your email address to send the JPEGs to.

joyajewelry said...

Hey Jessica, Thanks a bunch. My email is I hope you had a great Christmas!