Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Space

I thought I would share the space I call "Creative Land" when it is clean. But, when it is a mess it is more like "Chaos Land". It took me 2 days to clean up after a whirlwind holiday season. Boy did I need to organize. Now I have to get ready for the Spring line to emerge. I am feeling a new sense of creativity now that I feel organized and ready to go. I noticed though in my photos I have to get some paint on those walls and I have to hang my beautiful chandelier I got from my very talented friend Tiffin over at Linwood Avenue.
I photographed my two Fabulous mannequins Ms. Creel (black) and Roxy Lola (turquoise). Yes, they have names because in my eyes they are ALIVE:) I rescued Ms. Creel from a T-Mobile store going out of business and Roxy Lola came from the Vintage Flea in downtown Newnan, Georgia.

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Peachtree Photography said...

I love the space, I wish I was as organized as you are. We should get together sometime give me a call when you have a chance.