Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall and Rainbows in Clarkesville Georgia

My favorite parts of Fall are the leaves changing, the way the sun casts shadows differently in the house, and the excitement of the holidays coming.
My hubby and I also love taking road trips and so this past weekend we drove up to the North Georgia Mountains and came across this really beautiful town outside of Helen called Clarkesville.
We past the center of town and ended up on a side street right outside the square. That is when the window art of bumbleberry caught my eye. We had to go in and explore further.
We walked in and there was the cutest cut out wooden trees, cards, local art and then the color of the rainbow taunts you to the back of the store. Rows and rows of the most beautiful/colorful yarn. I had to take pictures. So I was lucky enough to have met Bonnie, the owner, and she said to go for it. Yaaay, now I could share bumbleberry with all of you. If your ever in the area their address is 1345 Washington Street Clarkesville , Georgia. Their e-mail address is bumbleberry@windstream.net Check them out.

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Kay said...

Oooo, that yarn shop is yummy!