Friday, January 29, 2010

Showers of Love


    I haven't really talked about how hard is was for kenon and I to start our family. But last June we found out we were pregnant after trying for three years. We were over the moon!
    This past Saturday was another one of those moments in life where you are just so thankful. My friends Tiffin, Jessica, Jessie, and Kim thru me the most magical baby shower! It took my breath away and at that moment I felt so loved. Being pregnant has been so surreal and magical in itself that having a shower filled with family and friends all gathered to celebrate this miracle was very emotional.
   It was like they reached right into my head and pulled out all the whimsical ideas I had swirling around about what I would have wished for. I will let the picture speak for themselves (taken by Jessica/ Peachtree Photography).
  If this is how I reacted to this shower I can't imagine how the next one will affect me. My mom is throwing a big Italian dinner/shower.. I am truly blessed!!! Thanks girls!!!

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Pinkie said...

Congrats, Joy! It looks like it was a beautiful shower.