Thursday, February 18, 2010

Depression Glass?

A couple of weeks ago my junkin pals and I happen to run across the best estate sale. This woman was a collector of all things glass and much more. When ever I go to these sales I always like to ask about the person who lived in the home and owned all these great items. The funny thing is this woman was still living and had remarried and her new husband told her that he had everything she needed at his house. So she had so get rid of all her stuff. And when I say stuff I mean STUFF. She had a lot for one woman. But I can't judge I love pretty stuff too:)

I found all kinds of unique pieces but when I saw this beautiful green cake plate and glass canister I had to have them. The lady who was in charge of the sale said that they were depression glass from the 30s. If anyone knows for sure please comment and let me know. I am curious about them. The plate has the sweetest daisy pattern. I just love them. The canister went in my kitchen and houses my tea bags and the cake plate is going to be the center piece of my spring decor. Isn't funny how these types of "things" make you so happy:)

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