Thursday, July 15, 2010

Determination and Love

Have you ever had a feeling you just couldn't put your finger on? Like I know I am feeling this way but what is it that is pressing on my mind and my heart. Well, yesterday the light bulb went off while at a friends house. She was talking about something she really wanted to happen. She said I am determined for it to be. And I just started to tear up out of no where. But it wasn't out of no where, she said what I couldn't figure out. Determined or in my case determination. I have missed this feeling in my life for sometime now. I had such determination about where my creative business was headed a year ago and I was determined to be a mom as well. But being a new mother has changed the way I look at balancing all of this. I can't start a project and finish it in one sitting. I have to plan around naps and my hubby coming home to help. I love my new role as mom but I am just being honest with myself about how tedious the balance is between having a creative business and being the best mom I can be. With all that said, I am determined to nurture and love where this needs to go. It is so important for me to acknowledge my feelings instead of repressing them as nothing. I am so glad to have figured all of this out yesterday so that I can move forward and focus on my little man and all of these amazing creative ideas swirling in my head.

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