Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wren's ''Gnome Sweet Gnome" First Birthday

Where should I begin! These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of first birthday planning. I think I really went a bit crazy but  I was so excited and could not believe Wren was turning one already. So this past Saturday we had so much fun celebrating his first birthday with friends and family.
The theme was woodland with gnomes, owls and toadstools. All week Wren kept calling the gnomes "gocks" it was so funny. He would crawl up to them and have little conversations with all of them on the floor. So I knew that mommy picked a great theme that he loved. I don't know if he will remember it all, but at least in the moment I know he had such a fun time.
It got a bit crazy at times so some of the pictures are before the crowd showed up. I hope someone took a picture of his cute smash cake.  Neither Kenon or I took a picture of it. Crazy, I know because I really thought I had a photo of it. I will add it once someone sends it to me.:)
I loved decorating for his party. It really gave me a great creative jolt to do something other that jewelry for a couple of weeks. Refreshing:)

 Happy Birthday our sweet boy!

I have been using this giant tin tub for everything! I thought it looked as if gnomes would live there:)

The cake plate with out his cake. I will add that soon.

My gnomes fattened up as they cooked and so did the toadstools. They tasted really yummy!

The magic acorns were made of hershey kisses, icing, and mini nilla wafers. The green candy is white chocolate melting chips on nilla wafers.

A went a little silly on the food names but it was so much fun:)

I had seen the photo booth idea on so many other blogs and had to have one for his birthday.

I found these fun masks at Michaels. In the dollar section. What a lucky find:)

Mr. Logan what a cutie!!

All the moms, aunt, sister and cousin. The Family:) Having fun in the photo booth:)

This is me and my hubby and our precious birthday boy!! Playing in the photo booth.

My favorite! I made a tree of pictures that represented Wren's first year! I cried because I got really nostalgic making it and I still can't believe a year has passed. He is our Love and  I am so blessed to be his Mom:)
The favors were dark chocolate owl lollipops! They were so yummy to make!


Diane said...

This was the BEST party ! The kids and adults had fun. I will send you some pics of Wren with his cake plus a really good one of the 3 of you.

Jenni Horne said...

Cutest party ever!!!