Monday, August 8, 2011


This summer for us has been full of so many firsts. Wren was a newborn last summer and we hibernated and focused on being first time parents. But this summer has been so full of adventure and seeing life thru new eyes. Leaves, bugs, trees - lets just say all of nature and the outdoors in general. He is all about it. :) It has been such a fun and busy summer that I feel like I have lost track of time. I realized this weekend that it was already August. August!? I have a festival in less than a month! I have been making jewelry here and there but nothing for a show in one month. Yikes!!!
So, this is where I had an epiphany as I was watering our garden yesterday. We have a lower rock garden and when we were creating it the ground became so hard that nothing would grow there. Well, to our surprise right under our bird feeder, stray sunflower seeds have begun to grow and this weekend they began to bloom. Watching these flowers bloom is the perfect culmination of  one great summer. The obvious is watching our child bloom everyday with the newness of everything. And then your probably wondering what do these sunflowers have to do with making jewelry. I thought to myself  if  these sunflowers can grow through the rocks then I can find the motivation and determination within myself to get my toosh in gear. To start creating again. I've been having an ongoing battle within myself. I didn't want to miss anything with Wren this summer so that meant I had to put my jewelry biz on hold. Which I did so willingly. But, I am determined to figure out how to be both creator and nurturer. It was one of those moments where you look inward and feel a peace wash over you! And a voice that says you are a great mother and it is not selfish to want to get back to work! So with that said, this week is all about creating new pieces and getting my toosh back to work!! I will post pictures soon on what I hope will be a wonderful new fall line.

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