Wednesday, July 8, 2009


You now those moments in life you have no control over. Like when your neighbors tree decides to fall in your yard and skewer your pool. That would be that moment for us. May 3 we had a bad Georgia storm and in an instance it happened. According to the insurance company if the tree is viable and not diseased it is considered an act of God and the neighbor is not responsible. NOT FAIR! But here we are two months later and we have decided to house rogue tranformers in a hole that was once our pool (my husbands idea).
I think the sarcasm comes from an unbalance I feel. I am a Libra and balance is super important to me. Especially for my creativity. I feel like ever since this happened my creativity has been null and void. This frustrates me to know end. Why must this control my ability to make jewelry. No clue but it just does. It could have been a lot worse and I know this. So, I think that is why we are able to joke about it now. But, still I want my pool back and my creativity!!!

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