Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Country Living Fair Was Here

So last weekend was the fair of all fairs. The Country Living Fair right here in Atlanta! Of course I had my early bird ticket and was there bright and early to get my shop on!!! This amazing booth was the first to catch our attention. And BOY did it ever. You just wanted to move right on in.

There were so many amazing re-purposed items that just made my head spin and my heart swoon. I wanted this couch so badly. Love the vintage suitcase and train cases also.

The sisters on the fly were there with a couple of their refurbished campers. So amazing how they brought them back to their original state. Inspiring that the journey isn't over for these amazing pieces of Americana!!

Look how romantic and cozy!!

There was so much to look at that after a while my head was spinning. I think I could have really gotten carried away. Good thing I had a really strict budget :) Below we literally turned around and was smacked in the face with a booth dedicated to nothing but buttons and vintage trimmings.

I wanted all of the these spools of vintage velvet ribbon!! I cannot tell you that just walking away with three yards was just not enough. O' to dream!! All in all this was an amazing event and after it was all said and done. I was pooped. Did I mention I came back the next day. But, this time it was to help my friend Jenni at her booth, which i cannot believe i didn't get a picture of. What a fun time though and wow do i have a lot of ideas swirling in my head.

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