Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Icy Outside and Inspiration Inside

This winter storm has turned Georgia upside down! I don't think we have seen a winter like this in some time! Sunday night the snow started to fall and then Monday, we woke up to a winter wonderland. Since the roads were not safe to drive on Kenon had to work from home and I was so happy about that!
He loved that he could play with Wren all day and I got to create all day. The ideas in my head were waiting for a good 3 days like this to take effect. I was a crafting and creating machine. I worked on a tag blanket for my friends little girl who turns one on Sunday. I made the yarn wreath that I talked about a couple posts back. It was so much fun and if you have the time it was so super easy and the end result will just make you smile:) But the piece that inspired me the most was the necklace. Not any necklace but the one in my head that I have been wanting to make for some time now.  Crocheted, felted flowers and vintage buttons and brooches. And yesterday it just came to me and I started and couldn't stop until I was finished. I was so thrilled to have it in my hands and out of my head. So now I am making lots and lots of  them. Or as many as I can :)
Our Backyard Winter 2011

Yarn Wreath! I will be making more of these! I think one for each holiday!

I giggle!!! It is exactly where I want my jewelry to be going in this New Year:)

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