Friday, January 28, 2011

Rockin B's

 Rockin' B Antiques is my newest haunt. It is a mini version of an antique mall. Just the right size to view each space. They also have very good prices and every time I go, there are always new items to look at. The weather lately has been quite dreary so I packed up the babe and called my mom and we took a ride.
As always as soon as I walked in the front door my head was swiveling in all directions at all the new inventory.

I found a mannequin that I wanted to buy so badly but alas she was not for sale. My mom found a carousel horse she wanted to purchase. Wren really approved but it was very large and mom talked to herself out of it. I think the question, where the heck would I put it, nipped that purchase in the bud. :) Fun times.

And then we turned the corner and came across Booth 116. It made me dizzy and I was swooning. I  didn't want to miss a thing in the space. I kept saying to my mom "Oh mom look at this, Oh geez look at that" I was so giddy. I later found out that it is a new vendor. What wonderful eye candy and if I had more money, wowza I could of done some damage. :) Enjoy the pictures and if you live in the area you have to check this place out. Have a great weekend Everyone!
Isn't she lovely!! She is from London:)

He loved this horsey!!



Denise said...

Wow! Thanks for the wonderful post! It was just last August when I first discovered Rockin' B. I became a booth renter within weeks. I love it there. I think I purchase as much as I sell. I am constantly amazed at the great pieces that come in and the great deals you can find. I love being a part of something that I feel so good about. I'm going to be watching for you and your mom whenever I'm over there. I do the Rockin' B blog so if I'm there, I'm usually snapping pictures. Please say hello if you see me!

I'm your newest follower!

Martie said...

I'm Denise's booth renter-mate...sorta like a room-mate but we get to move furniture around! Loved your blog and glad you like Rockin' B. We are trying to make it a special place to visit and see new things and get new ideas.

JoyaJewelry said...

Hey Denise and Martie, So glad ya'll stopped by my blog!!! I will definitely look for ya'll the next time I am there. Which may be soon.:)