Monday, June 27, 2011

Our First Trip To Gulf Shores

This year we wanted to go on a vacation that was not too far from home but a place we hadn't been before. So we decided on Gulf Shores. A friend of mine used to go every summer and always would come home talking about how much fun she always had. So we packed up the babe and headed to Alabama. My parents also came with us, nonie and papa, followed in their car. Let's just say there was absolutely no room in our car for them to ride with us. It is so funny how much stuff we had to take along. No more two suitcases and a duffle bag. More like, high chair, wagon, suit case for Wren's clothes, suit case for toys, pack n' play etc...;) It was funny but we were set!
It was so nice to be at the beach! I dream about sitting on the beach and smelling the salt air and just being. Wren was three months old when we went to the beach last year. So this year we were so excited to see what he was going to do when he was able to play in the sand. He loved it. He loved shoveling the sand and shells into his bucket. It was so, so, cute and I loved my morning walks on the beach.
The days we weren't at the beach we went exploring. We went to an amazing little town called Fairhope. It was the cutest artsiest place with quaint little boutiques, galleries, and yummy restaurants. You must go if you are in the area. We didn't get to walk around the whole town because of how hot the day was. By 3 p.m. it was 100 degrees and we began to melt.
That same day we stopped at the most amazing Historic Home called the Swift-Coles House in Bon Secour, Alabama. It was built in 1882 that began as a four room home only to grow to a 16 room home. Owned by Charles and Susan Swift and their family. In 1976 it was purchased by Nicholas Coles. You could feel the happy festive times that took place there. The Swifts had 11 children and the house was the center of a busy life for the family and neighbors in the community. Plus it was right on Mobile Bay. So Beautiful. I got to use my TTV to take some really neat pictures of the house. It makes the house look very mysterious.
Of course I had to find a couple antique stores and thrift stores. Thanks to the Holy Spirit Thrift Store I found vintage Ferragamo shoes for three bucks and a really beautiful floral blouse. That was a great little gem of a place. Love those!! The week went by slowly and it was a great vacation filled with all kinds of new and wonderful memories. Hope your summer travels are full of firsts and wonderful adventures!!! xo
view from our condo :)

my little guy handed me the rock of love :) he does have my heart!

I love this picture of our footprints first thing in the morning

amazing to behold
local artists point of view of a pelican!! Love them. They hung from each of the storefront entrances.

local fish art! live on re-purposed stuff!!!

our traveling trooper :)

This place was amazing!! So many wonderful chachkies:)

you can't go the beach and not a get an airbrushed t-shirt. So wren got his first one :)

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