Monday, June 6, 2011

A Wedding and The Beginning of Summer Fun

Wowza, sorry for my blogging absence! After the Dunwoody show I had to immediately put on my matron of honor hat for my lil sis's wedding. I also had to make all the jewelry for her, the bridesmaids, and myself. What a whirlwind of activity goin on over here. It was a beautiful wedding and my sis looked like a princess. And when it was all said and done. I dos and all. They went on their honeymoon and the rest of the family crashed for a week or so. I have taken this time to be totally immersed in the world of  Wren and revel in every little conversation we have together. He is so into music and dances all over the house and it just amazes me that he is already 14 months old. I will post some pictures soon on his favorite thing to do when he gets up from his nap. Riding in the golf cart aka the gogo:) He loves it! plus he is an avid collector of leaves and bark. Puts them in his hands and holds on for dear life. So cute! So many wonderful summer adventures to go on with him! Can't wait!
I made this necklace and earring set for all the bridesmaids

And this was the necklace I made for myself. I had to be different and of course all vintage!

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