Monday, May 7, 2012

a lovely nest

I happened to notice that everytime we opened our front door a little bird would quickly swoosh by me. I was perplexed because we have a tiny front entry and I was like, where the heck could this little bird be nesting. Well, upon some inspection of our vintage watering can I spied five tiny white speckled eggs. And then I quietly squealed because we are going to have babies soon. :) Mamma bird was so kind to let me snap some pictures. I honestly think she likes us. I say that because she rarely flies out of her nest when we walk out the door now. And when we look inside at the nest to check on her and the eggs she doesn't leave. So I think she is happy in her lovely little nest and soon I hope we will have chirping little babies.
Her lovely watercan nest :)

oh ya and the hubs has named her Mrs. Cublebatch. Cracks me up! :)

They are way up in there but you can see 3 eggs from this view.

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