Monday, April 18, 2011

Balance And An Open Heart

I have been taking a bit of a blogging break these past weeks to clear my head and  to remember to breathe. I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with being a stay at home mom and trying to fit my creative self in the whole mix. I am finding out that I have become so very hard on myself. For example I wake up and all I really want to do is be with Wren but then I struggle with my creative time management and focus. Which makes me feel extremely frustrated and quite exhausted. Then when he goes to bed I am up quite late catching up on orders or getting ready for a festival.
Bare with me because I know I am completely rambling. But isn't that exactly what a blog is supposed to be about. The ramblings put out into the universe that then take a fanciful turn into the truth. I think it makes me realize that I am going to be alright and that I am only human. I am seriously learning to be more forgiving and more nurturing to myself. I can't keep getting caught up on what I used to get done in a day but what I can now get done in a day. And be okay with that. I find myself writing these very words from time to time. And every time it does help me to breathe a bit deeper. I really do understand what my mom was talking about when she would say to me, "you will see what I am talking about when you are a mother". Boy do I ever. It is the best job in the world I am just still learning to balance, breathe, and keep my heart wide open.

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linwood avenue said...

u were on a roll last night. this post is beautifully perfect!