Thursday, April 21, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

Another year another giant wear house estate sale! If it wasn't for a friend of mine I would of missed this one. But gladly I went, not once but twice.:) This year I was on a bit of a tighter budget but I made it stretch and I was so happy with all my finds.
my friend tiffin found the owl for me! the pillow is going on my wooden bench. The birds kissing is actually a small planter that I will put flowers in and take to festivals with me and the vase I just couldn't leave behind. Everything was $8. Can't beat that :) I got a couple of vintage table clothes and crocheted coasters. (not pictured bc they were in the wash:))

the second day I picked up this metal table for $7. I wish I had an entry way because that is where it would go. But for now it gets to go with me to festivals and be my make shift sewing table.

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