Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Excitement

My mother-in-law Diane is a very talented artist and crafter. She has written two books and her third book will be out in April. It is entitled Hand Made Paper From Naturals. So, as she was working on it, or should I say up to her elbows in handmade paper, she needed one extra project which she offered to me. I immediately jumped at the chance and decided to design a piece of wearable art using her handmade paper. I created a pin made with rose and hydrangea petals and hasta leaf paper. It is so exciting to be published especially since my mom- in- law believed in me enough to include me. Also, I am so excited to have been published for what I love to do. I think this might have created a monster in me to write and publish my own book. We shall see wink, wink. If interested the book will be available on and at Barnes and Noble.

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