Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thrift stores, Yard sales, Antique stores oh my!!!

I have an addiction!! I am a self diagnosed junkin addict. I love finding beautiful things in the most unlikely places. Most of my home is decorated using items from either thrift stores, yard sales, or antique malls. Let me explain some of the madness. I see something for example in the lovely Anthropologie catalogue but cannot afford it. Well, I take the idea and I go in search of it but in a more economical way. Hence, the thrifting and junkin stores. It is possible to be aesthetically satisfied on a budget. I think in the months to come I am going to highlight what I Love now. This will be a blog about what it is that is intriquing me at the moment. For example, I am a in love with Milk Glass. There is something so beautiful and elegant about it that I just Love and can't get enough of. So, I invite you all to join me in sharing what it is you Love at the moment. It can be anything not just a object but a feeling, a observation, etc....

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